Caffe Cordina, an iconic venue in Valletta, that has been operating since 1837.

The business has grown fast and continues to seek to expand its clientele through the knowledge and expertise offered by EMCS as its business consultants. “Together with the ownership and management of Cafe Cordina, in the past months, we have worked incessantly towards identifying new strategies for the business. As part of this exercise EMCS has carried out a research study which among other developments has led to the launch of new website” added Silvan Mifsud, Director at EMCS.

The new website brings a cleaner fresh look, offering a wider range of products. “We are so excited to have set up a fully integrated online shop, which includes a fully dedicated and outsourced delivery service that can deliver items in stock within a few hours from order. This website has been in the pipeline for a long time and now we can finally bring Caffe Cordina to your doorstep,” added Luca Cordina, CEO of Caffe Cordina.

We invite you to browse the new website https://caffecordina.com/ and you will definitely be enticed to visit the caffe or order some delicacies!

But there’s more happening in the coming weeks, which we cannot give away just yet, stay tuned to find out more!

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