How we can help?

EMCS is able to guide businesses targeting a particular marketplace, ensuring that the      business is compliant with the regulatory requirements that are established by Maltese Law.

We are able to assist businesses that are required to have a license, to ensure that all the pre and post licensing requirements are fulfilled  in order to be granted a license that is needed in order to carry out that business activity.

We are able to  act as a buffer between authorities providing the required license and to        ensure that an expedient and cost-effective route is taken by the business endeavouring to carry out business in that particular market place.

Our team of professionals are vested with a wealth of experience in business advisory services, regulatory and compliance. We are able to offer a holistic approach that will kickstart the   business, by setting a legal person, attain the license and setting up the business in order to ensure operations may swiftly commence and those particular services are provided by the party endeavouring to engage in that particular market place.