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The corporate services industry is largely focused on countries with developed tax laws and regulations. In particular, the sophistication, predictability and stability of a country’s legislative, regulatory and judiciary are important.

EMCS is an approved Corporate Advisor on the Prospects MTF Market. Within its range of capabilities EMCS has the ability of fulfilling its role of Corporate Advisor at 360 degrees, thus making sure that your application for direct access from Malta’s SME capital market is handled in the most cost effective and efficient way, inclusive of drawing up the necessary Corporate Admission document amongst other services.

Prospects is regulated as a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF), with admission granted by the Malta Stock Exchange. Prospects MTF offers a cost-effective opportunity for entities looking to raise up to €8 million per issue. The main benefits of the Prospects MTF is that costs for admission are rather low, with admission fees as well as annual listing costs are significantly less when compared to the costs incurred by companies trading on the Main market of the Malta Stock Exchange. The time to market is another key advantage as it is envisaged that the listing time is of around 12 weeks.

To list on Malta’s Prospects MTF Market The entity must be an SME, as per EU definition, with the issue to be purchased from less than 150 investors from any single jurisdiction and the applicant must have a minimum share capital of €46,587.

By undertaking its services as a Corporate Advisor to a Prospects Company, EMCS declares that it shall:

-       maintain independence, impartiality, objectivity, confidentiality and ethical standards ensuring that the Company shall identify, mitigate and, if not possible to eliminate, disclose any conflict of interest and how such conflict is managed

-       to the extent allowed, a process by which the company, as Corporate Advisor, or its Connected Person, may invest or trade in securities issued by our client Prospects Companies and the immediate disclosure of any such investment or trading therein

-       maintain quality assurance in respect of our services to new Prospects Companies.

Besides excessing financing from capital markets, EMCS has the ability to structure ad hoc financial solutions, both for the private and public sector. This is possible through the extensive international contacts that EMCS has with various private individual and corporate investors.

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Silvan Mifsud

Silvan holds a degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Malta and an MBA from the University of Reading, with specialisation electives in Corporate Finance and Leadership in Management.