We are proud of conducting courses for representatives of the large companies an government institutions in Malta. Their positive feedback and re-selection of our company are the best proof of the high quality of training offered.



The training offered by EMCS Academy is an assurance of high quality and professionalism resulting from several years of experience in training programs for private companies, state institutions, non-governmental organizations, as well as individual clients. Our clients' successes are our best showcase.

We have offered training in the following:

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Employee Retention through Empowerment, Engagement & Motivation
  • Managing difficult behaviour
  • Business Leadership & Emotional Intelligence
  • Strategic management and Strategic Thinking especially for SMEs
  • Corporate Governance
  • Financial Analysis & Performance Management
  • Business Plans – More than just the financials
  • Managing EU Funded Projects
  • Market Research – Delivering the required results
  • Project Management
  • The role of an Internal Auditor



  • Advance Training Tourism Leader in Change and Innovation
  • Management and leadership training for Health Sector
  • Training of Vulnerable Groups to enhance their employability skills
  • Managing People Professionally and Interpersonal Skills in the Health Sector (Malta)



Our trainers and experienced consultants are business practitioners, lending their first-hand experience on the job to the workshops and lectures.

Presentations and classes are conducted in fluent English or Maltese depending on the requirements of the audience and the ability to work with participants.



We are focused on effective support of companies in the development of managers and employees. We strive to bring change for the individual and business, our training aims to support the implementation of strategic goals and addresses business challenges.

We achieve this by working closely with the management and HR staff, accurate identification of development needs, recommending and implementing various development tools, and help in building an environment supporting development. We are rational and at the same time we look at the organization's needs strategically and in the long term, we adapt solutions to the needs, we have extensive knowledge and business experience.



We can work with you to create a training programme to address the particular needs of your employees.

Sara Mc Guire

Manager (EMCS Tax & Advisory)

+356 2777 2533