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From the outset it must be stated that Malta offers an attractive tax regime for both individuals and corporate entities. Companies with foreign shareholders may be eligible for a refund of the Malta tax paid at the level of the Maltese Corporate Entity. It must also be noted that Malta has recently introduced notional interest deduction rules in order to bring equity financing on par with debt financing having a consequential effect of reducing taxation paid at the level of the company consequently benefitting the corporate entity.

EMCS LTD offers a comprehensive provision of services encompassing all forms of direct and indirect taxation. EMCS LTD, offers services   offered to Corporate Entities, as well as to Individuals on both Income Taxation and VAT issues. Our compliance team also offers services encompassing the filing of taxation returns and VAT returns and provisional tax payment services ensuring that individuals and entities abide by their statutory obligations.

EMCS LTD’s tax advisors working with the tax compliance team will ensure that the tax payer pays not more than one’s fair share of taxes and will make sure that all tax refunds are claimed that will benefit the tax payer. Being a boutique advisory and corporate services firm, ensures that a holistic, hands on approach is embodied, providing the client with much needed comfort and a personalised service offering practical solutions and necessary peace of mind.