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During the period 2014 – 2020 Malta is benefiting from just over 1 Billion Euro in EU funding. This is one of the most important injections of investment in Malta since Independence and is expected to leave a significant positive impact on the country. Major investments are currently taking place in key areas such as the environment, transport infrastructure, education and the competitiveness of the private sector.

Services provided -

  1. EU Funding - Applications and Grants
  2. EU Project Management Services
  3. EU Strategy Development
  4. EU Programme Management and Training
  5. Evaluation

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Director – EU & Business Advisory

Alison Mizzi

Alison is responsible for the EU funding consultancy services, providing end-to-end solution to clients with project planning, design, management and implementation from a wide portfolio of funds including ERDF, ESF, Grant Schemes and Malta Enterprise Schemes.