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EMCS is an advisory company that has been at the forefront of Malta’s journey in the European Union, both prior and post accession. Throughout the years, EMCS has provided its specialist tailored services to a variety of clients on EU related assignments ranging from applying for EU funds to the drafting of EU funding programmes, carrying out evaluations, project management of EU-funded projects and the delivery of technical training in relation to Cohesion Policy.

We provide our services to a wide spectrum of clients coming from the private and public sector as well as the key European Institutions, such as the European Commission and the European Parliament. Over the years, EMCS has established a sound reputation as one of the leading consultancy firms conducting EU related assignments.

We offer a full range of complementary EU Advisory Services that provide additional value to our clients:

  1. EU Funding - Applications and Grants
  2. EU Project Management Services
  3. EU Strategy Development
  4. EU Programme Management and Training
  5. Evaluation

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Alison Mizzi

Alison is responsible for the EU Advisory consultancy services. She has worked in the field of Cohesion Policy since 2001 and has over the years acquired thorough knowledge of the funding programmes and their requirements, covering different aspects such as programming, evaluation, monitoring and control.

She provides EU funding programming related services, which include the provision of consultancy services for the drafting of Partnership Agreements and Operational Programmes, as well as evaluation activities.

She also provides clients with end-to-end solutions in relation to the identification of the appropriate EU funding streams available for local organisations and businesses both at the local level as well as at an EU level, including ERDF, ESF, EAFRD, Interreg, Grant Schemes for Enterprises, Training Grants, Horizon 2020, Europe for Citizens and Fusion.

Her consultancy services extend to the compilation of application forms, as well as project planning, design, management and implementation.