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Malta boasts an ever-increasing growth in the aviation industry. Malta promotes a favourable and business friendly regulatory framework addressing the challenges the aviation industry poses. EMCS Ltd is able to assist a wide array of international clients, on setting up an aviation business, as well as providing direct and indirect tax advice to the prospective client.

Malta’s strategic location in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea has proved to be vital in the growth of Malta’s maritime industry. Malta possess natural harbours and a freeport that has the capability of supporting commercial vessels of every kind. Malta also boasts the seventh largest registry in the world and the largest registry in Europe. Malta offers a   favourable regulatory regime for the setting up of shipping companies, with an abridged version of the company’s act being offered to interested enterprises wishing to set up a shipping company, reducing legal regulatory requirements.

This regime directly emanates from the Merchant Shipping act.  Malta also offers a favourable taxation regime for these shipping organisations, a regime that has been recently approved by the European Union. The tonnage tax system, requires the payment of a tonnage tax fee, and a tonnage tax that is favourable to large shipping organisations operating in this field.