How we can help?

Payment service providers are regulated by the Financial Institutions Act, Chapter 376 of the Laws of Malta. In order to carry out the provision of payment services, the entity in question is required to attain a license. EMCS, through our business advisory team will assist the client in the attainment of that particular license that is an intrinsic element necessary for the provision of that service.

We will ensure that all regulatory compliance obligations are met. We will assist in in compiling all the necessary documentation and to ensure that the application for the license is submitted in due time, ensuring an expedient and cost-effective process is put into place. EMCS will ensure that the license is procured and liaise with the Regulator to provide additional documentation that may be required by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

The time-frame for applying should take between 2 and 3 months from the moment that the application is submitted, depending on the completeness of the information provided in the application form and supporting documentation. EMCS will review the application in detail to ensure that all details in the application form are correctly completed to avoid any unnecessary delays and ensure that the business is set up as quickly as possible.


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