How we can help?

EMCS offers a multidisciplinary team of professionals emanating from different sectors. Our team is made up of lawyers, accountants, tax specialists and experienced individuals working in several business sectors. Our team of professionals work harmoniously together to safeguard the success of commercial undertakings. We closely liaise with the client in order to provide business solutions for complex transactions.

We are able to provide appropriate structuring for business endeavouring to target new markets. Malta offers a securitization regime which allows for the segregation of assets into a securitisation cell company, that will ensure that any risks associated with the business carried on by this cell is segregated to that specific cell only.

Malta offers an effective taxation regime attracting direct foreign taxation. Our team of taxation professionals will ensure that mechanisms are put into place in order to benefit from the incentives that are provided by Maltese law. Our business professionals are also in possession of knowledge to provide advise ensuring that appropriate business strategies are put into place to adequately implement effective strategies with the aim of exploiting the fruits of Maltese business friendly regulatory regimes.