Date: April 12, 2022
Time: 09.15hrs - 12.30hrs

Being prepared to survive the turbulence from the Ukrainian conflict


Silvan Mifsud, Director EMCS and Kurt Muscat, Senior Executive EMCS will be discussing the impact of the conflict on a number of economic parameters/metrics and the likely economic implications on the Maltese economy with a specific focus on the sectors that will be most hit. The second part will focus on the likely affects of this conflict on businesses and how these businesses should prepare and respond to such turbulence.

Main topics 

  • The economic indicators that are likely to be effected by the conflict.
  • The likely economic implications on the Maltese economy.
  • The likely economic implications on specific sectors that will be hit the most.

Target Audience

  • Business owners and managers who want to be better prepared for the future challenges that the conflict will bring
  • Accountants who advise clients on business management and strategic decision making
  • Individuals who would like to know more and get a better understanding of how a conflict impacts an economy