5th Market Research carried out by EMCS for The Times of Malta

Our market research unit at EMCS, has conducted a 5th research study for The Times of Malta, through telephone interviews on locals’ perceptions and attitudes towards COVID-19.

The study was carried out between Monday 25th May and Friday 29th May 2020. In total 494 individuals aged 18 and over were interviewed, with data being representative of the local population in terms of gender, age (18 and over) and location of residence with a margin of error of +/- 4.3%  at 95% confidence interval.

Graph 1

With 83% positive responses the general public is of the opinion that the government is handling well the health situation caused by COVID-19 in Malta (29% expressing positive views and 54% felt extremely positive). 4% had negative views.

The survey evidences an 8% decline in peoples’ positive perception as to how the health situation is being handled. This figure being the lowest to date.

graph 2

With 65% responses, overall individuals who are currently in employment do not fear losing their job. That said, 13% are fearful (6% fearful and 7% extremely fearful). This represents a decrease of 6% over the previous survey.

There are variances in responses between those working in the private sector as opposed to those in the public sector. 80% of those in the public sector are not fearful/ not fearful at all as opposed to 56% of those in the private sector.

16% of the private sector are fearful, a decrease of 12% over the previous study. No significant variances were observed when analysing data for the public sector over the past two weeks. Then 6% were fearful (now 8%).

Graph 3

54% of respondents agree that the government should start relaxing restrictive (partial lockdown) measures. This represents a 10% increase since the previous study, and a 28% increase since the study conducted 4 weeks ago. 37% do not agree. (2 weeks ago, the percentage of those that disagreed stood at 47% and is likewise showing a constant decline. The percentage stood at 66% 4 weeks ago).

Tourism is an important pillar of the Maltese economy and is mainly dependent on the airport being open to travelers. In which month do you think that Government should open the airport?
Graph 4

43% of locals are of the opinion that the airport should open sometime this year. This figure is significantly greater than two weeks ago (then 10% indicated that this should be done some time this year).

Among this cluster (that are of the opinion that the airport should open), 54% indicated that this should be done after August.

37% (45% two weeks ago) are of the opinion that the airport should only open up once a vaccine is available.

None of the respondents indicated that ‘when the government decides to’ this time round. (39% 2 weeks ago).

Read the full article published in The Times of Malta on Sunday, May 31, 2020 - https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/yes-to-ease-covid-19-measures-but-no-to-air-travel-survey.795217