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Deadline for proposals has been extended to October 2021


EMCS has secured €15 million worth of EU funded projects for private businesses, public sector and for voluntary organisations.  Through our work, SMEs essentially gained access to a substantial €6 million in total.

The businesses we have worked with have used the funding to become more competitive by supporting their growth or diversification challenges depending on the stage of the business.

There is a range of grants which we can help you tap into, starting from €4,000 to €500,000 depending on your business needs. EU grants are available to support:

  • the creation of new firms
  • exploitation of new ideas
  • extension of current capacities
  • innovation and diversification

If you’re in the start-up stage, funds may set you up for take-off. You will be in a position to breakthrough and overcome early challenges in your new business such as setting up a new office or develop an e-commerce platform.

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Your business may be growing, and you may want to explore new markets or add production capacity. Perhaps it’s hard to recruit – and manage – the right people or attract the right investment. This is your opportunity to easily secure the funds you need to invest in new machinery and create a robust plan for the next stage of your business.

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We have secured grants for companies in different sectors including tourism, manufacturing, services and agriculture. We worked closely with 23 Boutique, a boutique hotel which we assisted from the initial stages and are particularly proud off.

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Plug the funds into your business

At this stage it is important to act fast, to ensure that you get access to EU funds that are currently available. The current deadline to submit applications is June 2021, however, keep in mind that we will need to prepare a robust proposal and submit it for acceptance.

We’re committed to helping your business take a big step forward, providing you with personal attention that is technically driven to yield positive results.

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Let’s work together to seize the opportunity!

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