A research study conducted by EMCS for ĠEMMA

EMCS was earlier this year commissioned by ĠEMMA Know, Plan, Act to conduct a survey to establish computer and mobile online usage, security awareness, online purchasing trends, scam awareness and the extent to which the Maltese population have experienced scams and fraud among other aspects.

This research study was carried in February 2021. It was conducted taking a representative sample of the Maltese population (in terms of gender, age and region) to attain an understanding of their awareness, perceptions and attitudes towards scams and fraud. Results are within a margin of error  +/- 5%  at 95% confidence interval.

Today scams are happening more and more through the internet and email. The study focuses on identifying the victims, their awareness of such scams and how they are reacting to online fraud. The following are the main focus areas tackled in this study:

  • Computer and mobile usage online
  • Awareness and attitudes towards security functions on devices used for online purposes
  • Online purchase trends
  • Scams awareness
  • Personal experience to scams and fraud and subsequent actions carried out
  • Aptitude to learn more about scams and fraud and most apt mediums to collate information on the topic.

There are many different types of online scams such as bogus ‘free trial’ offers, bogus emails, counterfeit goods. The study revealed that scam recognition confidence decreases with age while it increases with the level of education.

Only 35% of the population are confident, they can recognise a scam with 75% of respondents stating that they tend to check to make sure that the security functions on their devices (computer/laptop) are active.

Here we only focused on a brief aspect of the study however the data obtained from this research will be used as a basis for our client to target and fin tune its messages.

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