We have recently delivered a number of training and workshop sessions on how to manage conflict at the workplace, using a case study approach. The feedback received was overwhelming, therefore we thought we could share a few important aspects with you.

It’s a given that wherever people interact and work together, conflicts arise and these workshops offer a good guide on the correct approach to such situations. What we do to prevent conflict and how we react and manage it, makes all the difference.

Our training is developed to ensure a complete understanding of all areas pertaining to preventing and managing conflict.

Our training is intended to achieve the following outcomes:-

  • Reduce anxiety and frustration about conflict.
  • Circumventing the negative consequences of resentment
  • Apply differences of opinion and conflicts constructively to grow
  • Use proven strategies and powerful communication skills
  • Identify personal conflict management and improve outcomes
  • Understand when to intervene and how to approach conflict resolution conversations.

Workplace conflict can trigger negative consequences affecting relationships. It can lead to a serious loss of time and energy or loss of valuable human resources. Failure to address it competently, would in turn impact business performance. It is important to support your team and provide the necessary training to deal with conflict effectively.

At, EMCS, we design tailormade training to address the skill gap of your team members. Our experts will guide your team to master an array of skill sets which include communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills and financial skills.

We’re happy to discuss your training needs.

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