The Rural Development Programme (RDP) for Malta was formally adopted by the European Commission on 24 November 2015, outlining Malta's priorities for using the € 129 million of public money (EU:75%and MT: 25%) for the 7-year period 2014-2020). The programme aims to improve the competitiveness of the agricultural sector, the sustainable use of natural resources and the economic and balanced territorial development for employment creation.

The following funding measures are currently available:

M4.1 - Support for investments in agricultural holdings  

This Measure will provide support for on-farm investments aimed at improving the overall performance and sustainability of agricultural holdings through operations that increase the productivity and rational use of inputs.

Support under this Measure covers:

  • investments in water capture, storage and distribution, smart irrigation, investments in the use of recycled water investments in more efficient equipment that reduces fertiliser and pesticide use, investments in reduced energy consumption, and investments that support handling, storage, and use of raw materials (inputs), products and outputs, resources, wastes or energy on livestock and arable farms.
  • investments to modernise the storage and handling of manures and slurries, and activities that lead to enhanced nutrient budgeting and management on livestock farms. Arable farms shall be able to use support from this Measure to invest in improved crop storage or other activities that are intended to improve the quality of the product. This may include buildings for specialised handling, storage, provision of ventilation, insulation and refrigeration.
  • investments that are intended to improve the quality and value of home-grown fodder production, whether on livestock or arable farms.


Target Sector:  Livestock farming and Horticultural Sectors

Maximum grant:  €150,000 excluding VAT

Co-financing rate: 50% of eligible costs

Deadline: 24 July 2020


M6.4 - Support for investments in creation and development of non-agricultural activities

Support under this measure is offered to farmers (natural and legal persons [SMEs]) intending to diversify their main economic activity or to start a new economic activity by investing in non-agricultural activities with the aim to increase their income and to create occupational alternative.


Target Beneficiaries: farmers diversifying into non-agricultural activities

Maximum grant:  €200,000 excluding VAT

Co-financing rate: 50% of eligible costs

Deadline: 12 June 2020


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