Training Needs Analysis

Analysis, Learning and Development

Training Needs Analysis refers to an analysis of the training, learning and development requirements of employees working for an organisation. It takes into account the current skills, knowledge and behaviours of the people within the organisation and what skills are required for an organisation to achieve its strategic objectives. It considers how to develop the required skills in a way to deliver on the organisation's strategic objectives and at the same time support the individual's career progression.

When performing a Training Needs Analysis EMCS consultants work on three main levels:

  • Organisational
  • Team
  • Individual

EMCS considers these three levels as inter-linked and as such are all conducive to achieving the overall business objectives while helping staff improve upon their skills.

In conducting a Training Needs Analysis EMCS consultants use a number of methods including:-

  • Employee Annual appraisals documents
  • Employee Surveys
  • Regular progress meetings
  • Interviews and focus groups with management and staff
  • Analysis of organisational strategy and requirements
  • Analysis of Job Descriptions and Job Profiles

At the end of the Training Needs Analysis EMCS produces a development and learning plan that is based on organisational, team and individual objectives.