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Market Research & Intelligence

Providing the client the market research solutions

EMCS Consulting undertakes commissioned research projects for companies, government agencies and trade associations on a wide array of subjects ranging from straight macroeconomic analysis to the outlook for individual sectors.

We have a particular strength in financial economics and the economics of property, both residential and commercial, and we have staff with substantial econometric and modelling expertise. Many of our commissions have involved the relationship between a macroeconomic or financial issue and its implications for an individual business sector or public sector.

The Market Research Team at EMCS Ltd. has, through thorough training and on-the-field practice, amassed a wealth of experience that enables them to give the client the market research solution that is most likely to work for them. The Team is very well-disposed to work with clients and usually works hand in hand with the client in a tailor-made approach. EMCS Ltd.'s setup enables it to undertake different types of market research.

What sets us apart from competition?

Our reputation rests on our professional aptitude for creative marketing research solutions that are custom tailored to every research challenge our clients face.

Quantitative Services

Face to Face Research
Telephone Surveys
Online Surveys
Omnibus Surveys
Exit Polling
Retail Audits
Customer Profiling
Market Feasibility Study
Brand diagnostics and brand management
Measuring marketing communication effectiveness
Customer/Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty
Consumer Confidence Index
Qualitative Services

Focus groups
Web based
Mystery Shopping
Mystery Calling
Desk Research
In-depth Interviews
Delphi Groups
Mall Intercepts
Product Testing

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