Many Businesses leaders are facing unprecedented challenges across various levels from dealing with immediate very pressing problems and also preparing their business for the future which will likely be based on a very different business environment businesses where used to until very recently. In this course we tackle various common themes and businesses are facing with some insights as to how to tackle these various issues.



June 2, 2020 at 13:30 - 16:45hrs



1. Cash Management in this Crisis Period
2. The Pivotal role of the CFO
3. The evolution of Consumer behaviour during the COVID-19 lockdown and post-COVID-19
4. Strategy: Preparing your business for a Post-Pandemic world
5. Strategy: How will your business model be effected?
6. Communications: Managing layoffs and communicating properly with your team
7. Directors: Taking up a role that really helps the organisations they are directing
8. Overview of Government Assistance



SILVAN MIFSUD holds a degree in Banking & Finance from the University of Malta and an MBA from the University of Reading, specialising in Corporate Finance and Business Leadership. Silvan has been involved in various sectors of the economy holding various managerial and Director roles. Silvan is presently working as a Director for Advisory Services at EMCS.