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The measure announced are the following:



The government will now be giving the employer €800 per month for every worker who works in one of the industries that have been hardest hit by the pandemic, including tourism-related businesses and those that suffered a complete suspension of operations. This works out to an increase of €480 per month per employee over the previous package.

Part-timers will be entitled to €500 a month.

Employers will pay up to a further €400 per worker, meaning that private-sector workers in critical sectors which have been most affected, will get a €1,200 salary rather than suffering layoffs.

The critical sectors are:

  • wholesale
  • retail
  • accommodation
  • food and beverage service activities
  • vehicle rentals
  • employment activities
  • tour operators
  • travel agencies and other related enterprises
  • security companies
  • building services companies
  • transport companies
  • creative arts and entertainment activities
  • personal activities – such as barbers, beauticians, and other similar enterprises.



The government will pay for one day of work based on €800 per employee for other sectors, such as manufacturing and warehousing, with the possibility of this increasing to two days further down the line. For Gozitans working in these sectors, the payout will amount to two days immediately. This means every month employers will receive €160 per employee in Malta and €320 per employee in Gozo.

Self-employed within these sectors will have two days covered (€320 per month) and those self-employed who employ people with them will be entitled to three days of cover (€480).

The industries that fall under this bracket are:

  • manufacturing
  • parts of wholesale
  • parts of retail
  • warehousing
  • information


All financial aid will be applied retrospectively commencing from 9th March 2020