Businesses may face numerous difficulties when juggling all building blocks to make their business successful. It is difficult and time-consuming for businesses owners to identify what is functioning well in their business and what is holding them back.

To help businesses grow and make them more competitive, AIS Environment and EMCS have teamed up to offer a new service: Business Reality Check.

With decades of consultancy experience, we will help business leaders delve deep into their business structure & practices, providing them with a 360-degree overview of their business. Our experts will identify the links between the various elements in their business. The Business Reality Check will identify any shortcomings that could be holding the company back, and help them understand what can be improved. Such improvements centre around three main interest areas: reducing costs, increasing profits and improving business management. Through company-specific recommendations, businesses can maximise their potential by improving resource efficiency, performance, competitiveness and above-all profits!

The Business Reality Check includes



  • Improve resource-efficiency, slash costs & maximise profits
  • Obtain an unbiased view of the business' financial health & reduce risks
  • Compare practices to other industry-players, helping companies get ahead of the competition
  • Help businesses keep a strategic mindset focused on strengths, including priority areas
  • Ensure management holds the right attitudes to execute strategic plans
  • Develop business goals and capitalise on opportunities
  • Foster a positive work environment, strengthen employee retention and productivity
  • Design & implement a Training Needs Analysis
  • Empower businesses to base their decisions on the market economy
  • Ensure operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible
  • Refine debt management and cash flow management including identifying investment opportunities
  • Improve reputation & making business attractive to investors

Financial & environmental sustainability

The Business Reality Check is a service offered by AIS and EMCS.