On November 17, the Commissioner for Revenue published the DAC6 XML Schema and the DAC6 XML Schema User Guide, which shall be used by taxpayers and intermediaries for filing information in relation to reportable cross-border arrangements.

This obligation stems from the Council Directive (EU) 2018/822 (‘DAC6’) , which was implemented into the Maltese legislation by the virtue of the legal notice L.N. 342 of 2019 which amended subsidiary legislation S.L. 123.127. Based on this legislation intermediaries and taxpayers when entering into or advising on cross border arrangements involving EU states will have to observe formalities in relation to appropriate reporting and (if necessary) disclosure.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, earlier this year in July, the Commissioner for Revenue has granted an extension of 6 months (through the L.N. 315 of 2020) for the start of the reporting period. In its turn the relevant guidelines will be published in the course of upcoming weeks.