Eligible Companies

Start-up undertakings established for less than three years and are engaged in one of the following activities:

  • the production, manufacture, improvement, assembly, preservation, processing of goods, materials, commodities, equipment, plant and machinery
  • biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and life sciences research and technological innovation
  • the repair, overhaul or maintenance of pleasure crafts, yachts having less than 100gt, aircraft, engines or equipment incorporated or used in such vessels or aircraft
  • ICT development activities, software development
  • eco-innovations and environmental solutions
  • the development and provision of tourism products and services related to: emerging niche markets; the promotion of natural and cultural heritage; and social tourism with specific focus on senior tourists, accessible tourism and active ageing
  • the creation of tourism products and services as a result of networks created between traditional tourism service providers and the crafts and artisan sector
  • the development of innovative concepts, products and services offered by Boutique Hotels and Palazzini
  • the development and/or provision of e-health solutions
  • the development and provision of services and products promoting healthy living, active ageing and child day care related
  • the development and creation of crafts and artisan products
  • retail activities by self-employed and family businesses engaged in craft
  • start-ups proposing products and/or services that can be marketed and distributed internationally and which are typically more advanced than those prevailing in their respective industry in terms of technology, know-how and skills



Exclusions include: agriculture, forestry and fishing; the processing and marketing of agricultural products; public entities not carrying an economic activity; manufacturing, processing, and marketing of tobacco and tobacco products; energy generation, distribution and infrastructure; the steel sector; the coal sector; the shipbuilding sector; the transport sector; the synthetic fibres sector; financial and insurance activities; real estate activities; gambling and betting activities; investment to achieve the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from activities listed in Annex I to Directive 2003/87/EC; actions addressing training and mentoring activities; actions resulting in the decommissioning or the construction of nuclear power stations; actions resulting in investment in airport infrastructure unless related to environmental protection or accompanied by investment necessary to mitigate or reduce its negative environmental impact; undertakings engaged in an illegal economic activity.


Eligible Costs

Within the context of an approved business plan, the following expenditure is considered eligible: lease of private operational premises; construction or upgrades of private operational premises; purchasing of new equipment, machinery and plant; patents and licences.


Maximum Grant

50% of eligible expenditure up to €300,000.