Training Programmes for Healthcare Personnel

January 2019 - June 2022


The project is being funded through the European Social Fund and the Government of Malta.

EMCS has been contracted to deliver the NON-TECHNICAL SKILLS TRAINING FOR HEALTHCARE PERSONNEL project together with City of Glasgow college. The delivery of this training will result in an improvement in the internal communication and interaction between the staff working within the various healthcare departments, ultimately striving towards excellence in: patient safety, patient care and patient/relative satisfaction.

EMCS Ltd, as the lead partner, has a very long and successful history of delivering major projects which involve considerable logistical challenges.

The success of these projects has been made possible because it has a first class administrative set-up run by top people;  it has first class professionals who are qualified in Project Management – PRINCE II; it has in place all the necessary procedures to ensure that all the checks and balances required to deliver a top service are also in place; and above everything else EMCS Ltd has a proud 30 year record during which it has never failed to successfully deliver a project whatever the size.

EMCS has been involved with the Ministry of Health, the Elderly and Community Care since 2006. It has carried out extensive work dealing with the restructuring as well as the upgrading of the function, focus, and purpose of the service providers.

The City of Glasgow College (COGC), is the largest College in Scotland with over 27,000 students learning across two super campuses. The College is top in the UK for World Skills and composite overall number one in the Scottish sector for success in student attainment in combined Further and Higher Education. The College, like Scotland as a nation, is a real melting pot of diversity, quality and excellence. Approximately 41% of students are from Glasgow, with the remainder from other parts of Scotland, the UK, and from many other countries across the world.


The main goal is to provide constant and consistent training for people in the health care sector. The training covers non-technical skills dealing with both the social dimension and the cognitive element. The training is suitable for qualified healthcare personnel with impeccable technical skills but who may not be as proficient when it comes to interacting with patients and people within their own teams.


  1. Managing People Professionally
  2. Professional Interpersonal Skills with Patient and Relatives

The training and courses being offered ultimately underpin and drive all the work done with management and non-management employees. The approach is ‘strengths based’ and focuses on the positives within the organisation and the individual. It leads to a more rapid integration and application of skills while evaluating the behaviour and practice of the individual and the organisation.

Both courses are accredited and pegged at Level 5 MQF.


Programmes for Senior Management staff:

  • Managing People Professionally Course (MPP)

A total of 34 hours delivered over 9 sessions

This programme is designed to address and deliver the global skills needs within the healthcare sector for committed healthcare personnel with a strong focus on developing management competencies.


  1. Management and Leadership
  2. Motivating the team and team building dynamics
  3. Communication Dynamics with team, patients and relatives
  4. Managing Conflict and team building dynamics
  5. Managing Your team to offer quality services to patients
  6. Managing Team Performance
  7. Managing Effective Team Meetings
  8. Organisational Learning
  9. Team building


  • 4 hour Master Class Workshop on Managing People Professionally

Delivered by a World Class Speaker to Senior Level Management within a Healthcare environment. The objective of this Workshop is to gain key skills, best practices and behaviours of effective managers so as to be proficient in applying them to improve individual, team and departmental performance, with the aim to offer a service of high quality to patients and relatives.


  • One-to-one Coaching sessions

Senior Level managers will be offered 1 to1 coaching sessions which will focus on practical situations directly related to a Healthcare environment where the person being coached, may need guidance on how to manage the team effectively and improve its performance with the main aim of offering a professional service to patients and relatives.



Professional Interpersonal Skills with Patient and Relatives Programme (PISP)

A total of 36 hours delivered over 9 sessions

The programme is designed with the overall aim of preparing healthcare professionals for competent professional interpersonal interactions. It should enable practitioners to function with greater confidence and competence and communicate safely and effectively with clients, relatives and other professionals in more challenging and complex situations.


  1. Interpersonal Skills and Professionalism in Healthcare
  2. Effective Communication with Patients and Relatives
  3. Interpersonal Skills in Patient Centred Care and Conflict Resolution
  4. Managing Yourself in a Challenging Healthcare Environment (Part 1 & 2)
  5. Employee-Patient/Relatives Relationships (Part 1 & 2)
  6. Teamwork
  7. Team building



EMCS Training Academy, Level 2, Blu Building, Qormi Road, Luqa



EMCS provides free transport to and from the training venue. The transport needs to be pre-booked at least 24hrs before the scheduled training session. Book your transport by sending an email to


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