Procedures for ensuring against academic fraud

This policy document applies to cases of academic fraud at the EMCS Academy.
The procedures listed below are laid out for the investigation of any allegations of academic fraud.

For the purposes of this document academic fraud includes but is not limited to plagiarism, cheating in assessments, collusion and any other activity that is intended to give a student a biased or fraudulent advantage. A student’s submission should be a reflection of that person’s own work and research and all cases of suspected academic fraud will be investigated.


Procedure to be followed when academic fraud is suspected

  • A suspected case of academic fraud detected by a student or tutor is to be reported to the Academy Manager/Head of Academy, in writing. The notification should also include all evidence supporting the allegation. Notification and all related documentation are to be sent to: and will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.
  • On receipt of such report/notification the Academy Manager in collaboration with the Head of School will carry out a preliminary analysis to determine whether a possible case of academic fraud exists or not. Should it be determined that a possible case of academic fraud does exist the matter will be investigated further. If determination is made that there is no case of academic fraud the matter will be closed.
  • If the preliminary findings determine that a possible case of academic fraud does exist any documentation presented in support of the claim will be examined and the submitted assessment will be analysed. Should the case arise that the subject matter is outside the area of expertise of the Academy Manager/Head of School an expert in the field will be consulted.
  • Should it be determined that academic fraud has been committed the student will be notified in writing and he/she will have the opportunity to clarify and discuss the allegations made against them within 7 working days from receipt of notification.
  • The student will receive the final decision taken by the Academy Administration within 3 working days from receipt of any communication from said student.
  • If the student is found to be guilty of academic fraud that student will either receive a ‘Fail’ in that module making him/her eligible for resubmission or in extreme cases be expelled from the program altogether.