"EMCS Business Centre is a welcoming environment for staff and for visitors.  With a clean business-like and professional atmosphere, we can operate without the concerns of day to day office management.  Working in an office with like-minded people also means we are part of a bigger group, for social and business interactions.  All tea and coffee included, (with the occasional shared office cake) helps too!"

John Rusher

Chief Executive Officer

MC Trustees (Malta) Limited


"When setting up our business in Malta we looked for a fully serviced business centre with a central location in Malta and EMCS Business Centre ticked all the boxes. We could just plug in and be up and running from day one and that was important for us. As our operation in Malta grew we could gradually take on more space until it made sense to set up our own office. Having experienced several international business centres abroad in the past, I can really recommend EMCS Business Centre, not only for its professional services, but also for the friendly and personal atmosphere."

Michael Holmberg

General Manager



"Archer Specialist Recruitment has been in Malta for over six months now. A large part of our success is that we have developed such a partnership with EMCS Business Centre. They provide a fantastic service in a fantastic location. I cannot compliment the facilities enough….. but  the service has excelled expectation: the simple things such as bus routes, places on the island to visit and even setting me up with a very professional Real estate agent.  Everyone is extremely friendly and I am greeted every morning by freshly brewed coffee.  All of the above makes it a truly great experience which allows me to focus on making our business a success in Malta without worrying about external issues. "

Donal Reddington

Country Manager

Archer Specialist Recruitment


"The professional service provided by EMCS Business Centre staff ensures that the tenant can focus on its business model and there is no need to be concerned of logistics and other administrative matters."

Roderick Psaila

Senior Partner - PsailaGrech CONSULT

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