Providing specifically designed and delivered customised learning solutions for businesses of all sizes for both the public and private sectors

Our expertise and delivery of training spans across the whole organisation (executive, supervisory and operative) and focuses on performance improvement to meet entity's business objectives (whether it is for an individual or company-wide).

Our team to HR consultants will listen and understand your goals and objectives. They will work with you to develop an integrated programme of training that is geared at enabling you and your staff achieve the organisational goals and improve personal development.  Training programmes are designed and developed on the basis of modern principles of prevailing management practices. Furthermore, the trainers' expertise and flexibility allows for a high degree of customised content and delivery based on the organisation's and participants' specific needs. Whether it's a one day course for an individual or a tailored on-site programme for the whole organisation, we will work in partnership with you to design and deliver a course that meets the organisation's needs. Course content can be based on real issues faced by the organisation, allowing participants to apply their learning by focusing on real solutions.

Our HR consultants make sure that you get a friendly and efficient service that looks after every element of your training programme from start to finish. We will analyse your requirements and should an expert be required in an area where we at EMCS are not experts in, we will source local and/or international experts that can deliver an excellent training programme specifically designed for your organisation.

Courses we deliver on a regular basis comprise:

  • Total Quality Management
  • Internal Communications;
  • Team Building
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Sales Techniques;
  • Leadership;
  • Customer Care;
  • Managing Meetings
  • Presentation Skills
  • Dealing with difficult customers/situations

There are just some of the courses we provide.  Please feel free to contact us to attain more information.

We will also guide you on any training funding opportunities that exist at the time of the enquiry in order to make your training as cost effective as possible.


Our Human Resources services help organizations effectively manage their investment in people and aid companies to link their people to their business strategies.

In a people oriented business it is as important to establish the basis for sound HR organization as it is for the management and staff to perform to its optimum level when faced with the client. Such organization cannot be achieved without taking a close look at the goals the business has set for itself, its positioning in the marketplace, competitors activity and HR peopleresources. Building an HR structure will require a thorough understanding of all this as well as the intangible structure of the business since it is from this that policies for personnel organization and management have to be developed. In terms of hotels, it is vital not just to have an overall view but an intricate knowledge of departmental responsibilities, strengths & expertise of personnel required, operating standards, hours of opening and other such information.