Quantitative Services

Uncovering powerful and actionable insights

All of our quantitative approaches incorporate sophisticated modelling and multivariate analysis techniques that are designed to uncover powerful and actionable insights. 

These include (but are not limited to):

  • Face-to-face (CAPI & PAPI)
  • Phone Interviewing (CATI - computer assisted telephone interviews)
  • Online surveys (CAWI - computer assisted web interviews)
  • Omnibus Surveys
  • Exit Polling
  • Store Audits
  • Customer profiling
  • Market feasibility studies
  • Brand diagnostics and brand management
  • Measuring the impact and effectiveness of marketing communication
  • Analysis of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Consumer Confidence Index
  • CRM Audit

Quantitative Services

Face to Face Research

Our Market Research Team is experienced in coordinating large face-to-face research projects spanning from a few tens to more than a thousand face-to-face interviews. They are experienced in recruiting a wide range of people to ensure that we achieve the sample that you require and can handle an requirements you might have to make the research as effective as possible.

We offer each of these face-to-face interviewing approaches:

  • Street face-to-face surveys:- using a short questionnaire with a 'convenience' sample of people in public places.
  • Exit Interviews:- People are interviewed upon exiting a venue. This method is cost effective and enables for reliable results as customer experience is surveys as soon as the customer exits the venue.
  • In-home face-to-face surveys - Longer and more complex face-to-face surveys are best conducted at respondents' own residence.  Such technique is usually used for the collection of respondent specific sensitive survey data.  This approach normally yields a statistically valid sample.

We're able to design face-to-face surveys to your requirements and offer complete support in defining the research objectives and expected outcomes

Telephone Surveys

Telephone surveys are a great way of obtaining fast, robust views from your customers, the general public and businesses. More cost effective than face to face interviews, telephone surveys are faster to administer and on average generate higher response rates than online or postal surveys.

  • Telephone surveys are opportune for:
  • Customer Satisfaction surveys
  • Brand awareness surveys
  • Attitudinal surveys
  • Competitor Intelligence surveys
  • Advertising campaign impact surveys

Our team of trained telephone surveyors makes use of computer-assisted telephone interviewing software (CATI), in order to increase data accuracy, provide immediate/real time feedback of data, improve efficiency and data collection times.

Online Surveys

In today's day and age where the internet plays a central role in everyone's life, online surveys have gained popularity and have become a very economical, non-intrusive means of collecting survey data. This survey method, allows for the inclusion of interactive material such as visual or audio prompts it a very versatile and powerful survey technique.

The various forms of web-based surveys include:

  • Online Survey - a survey of any length that is hosted at either our own web-site or that of our client.  Respondents are asked to access the questionnaire directly either via an email link or as visitors to the relevant web-site;
  • Online Poll - a very short survey that is placed on websites to poll for people's opinion;
  • Email attachment - email surveys are sent as attachments for respondents to download and complete, and then reattach and return.

Web-based surveys can be used on their own, offering a cost-effective survey option, or in conjunction with other research methods. We can often offer respondents a choice of ways of completing surveys (e.g. postal or online), and this in turn can increase response rates.

We offer a complete web-based survey service covering all of the survey types mentioned above and can also supply clients with interim survey progress reports.

Omnibus Surveys

Since 2008 we have developed our omnibus capabilities to the point where we now have omnibus surveys operating regularly in accordance with international quality assurance standards.

Omnibus surveys offer an appropriate value for money alternative for entities seeking to attain valuable quantitative data with a limited budget.  This is possible through the utilisation of a shared data collection approach that enables entities to reap the benefits of a fast, reliable and cost-effective service for a limited number of selected questions.

Omnibus surveys offer a consistent, reliable and time sensitive methodology and is particularly useful for entities seeking among others:

  • To track how their (brand) image and reputation change over time; and/or
  • Consumers' purchasing trends in terms of volume, scope and source of purchase in relation to their area/s of interest.

With comprehensive checks in place, you can be sure of commonality of approach and proven delivery.

All interviews are carried out using CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) and findings can be delivered as little as 30 days after questionnaire agreement in electronic format, a summary report or as a presentation.

Exit Polling

Exit poll data is one of the key methods of understanding the results of an election and provides political, demographic and geographic information detailing voters and the candidates they opted for.

Retail Audits

With the advent of the internet and online shopping, getting it right in-store has never been more important.  Through retail audits we assist entities with respect to:

  • Improving brand visibility/compliance;
  • Stock availability;
  • Ensuring products are displayed to their full potential to maximise your return on investment.

EMCS's highly trained team provides independent measurement and utilises the necessary tools to provide you with meaningful data in a timely manner.  Such a stance generally comprises photographic evidence thereby providing you with valuable data enabling you to tackle in-store issues in a timely manner.

The importance of knowing what is happening in store in a timely manner is of paramount importance and is often the difference between success and failure.

Customer Profiling

Establishing a customer profile can give you the information you need to generate business from both new and existing clients.  By better understanding existing customers you will be better positioned to increase their spend with such information of essence in assisting you to attract new clients.  This could comprise:

  • Sales records analysis; and/or
  • Customer surveys

Market Feasibility Study

A market feasibility study is an important exercise for all start-ups, small and medium sized enterprises to determine if a sustainable market exists for a product or service. It involves analysing existing market demand, the competition and future market projections.

The Components of a Feasibility Study generally include:

  • An analysis of the product or services to be offered and how they will be delivered;
  • An analysis of the industry, and current market, and consequently the anticipated future market potential, competition, sales projections, potential buyers, etc.
  • An exploration of the technical details pertaining to how the product or service will be delivered;
  • Financial analysis comprising the amount of start-up capital required, sources of capital, returns on investment, and so on.
  • An insight into the legal and corporate structure of the business.

Brand diagnostics and brand management

The advantages of a high equity brand are far reaching and comprise:

  • Increased market share;
  • Premium pricing;
  • Augmented customer relationships and increased loyalty;
  • Attracting talented human resources; and
  • Ensuring successful line extensions.

In this regard, depending on the stage of brand development surveys could seek to target:

  • Brand recognition (Un/aided awareness)
  • Brand preference; and/or
  • Customer satisfaction levels.

Measuring marketing communication effectiveness

Measurement of advertising effectiveness is extremely important to organisations in view of their impact on sales.  In this regard there are three stages where measurement can take place, these being:

  • Before the campaign is run and is a part of the creative process and often part of the pre-testing stage;
  • During the campaign to tweet as/if necessary to maximise effectiveness; and
  • After campaign execution to assess its effectiveness. 

Customer/Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty

Determining customer satisfaction and loyalty levels is of utmost importance as the level of customer satisfaction has a positive effect on profitability.

There are various models that can be utilised to gauge satisfaction and loyalty levels and these comprise:

  • Monitoring customer satisfaction and loyalty over time;
  • Identifying aspects of the customer relationship that are most important to customers in keeping them satisfied and loyal
  • Transaction Monitoring (POS) to determine customer satisfaction at different points of customer contact. 

Consumer Confidence Index

Discover consumers' views of themselves and their own financial situation

In the current economic climate it is especially important that you understand how consumers - your actual or potential customers - are feeling financially. The Consumer Confidence Monitor from EMCS allows you to discover consumers' views of themselves and their own financial situation.

The survey covers areas that contribute to a consumer's overall confidence, including: - Financial security - Job security - Confidence in the housing market - Expenditure on basic necessities - Cutbacks that they may have made recently, and - Likely future expenditure.

As we are experiencing changes to the economic landscape from day to day, consumer confidence will also change. The EMCS Consumer Confidence Monitor is run regularly to ensure that you can keep abreast of consumers' views.

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