Event Project Management

Whether you need to organise a project meeting or a conference, EMCS has the necessary expertise to assist you throughout the whole project phase, from its inception to its organisation and successful implementation.  With skills in project management, inclusive of project scope management, project monitoring (quality, time, cost and resources); resource allocation and performance management; supplier relationship and performance management (procurement and quality); project cost control (cost planning, cost estimation, cost budgeting, earned value); project risk management, and project communications management EMCS consultants will ensure that your event is a success.  Thanks to our experience in this field, we can assist you with

  • All logistics aspects comprising the identification of appropriate premises/location for the event;
  • The organisational aspects comprising the handling of registration desk;
  • The marketing of the event comprising the dissemination of information (be it through public relations, brochure design, printing and distribution) welcome pack (conceptualisation, design and printing) and the creation of an event website (comprising its conceptualisation and design);
  • Coordinating throughout the even and provision of a competent facilitator/s;
  • The administrative side of the project comprising the financial aspect and closing off.