Performance Management and drafting of effective KPIs

Align, appraise, and improve your performance

Performance management is an effective tool to lift productivity and is deemed of utmost importance for both managers and employees.  On the one hand it assists managers attain relevant information and consequently enable them to take more apt decisions; on the other hand performance management tools provide an opportunity for employees to assess their own performance at work and use this information to further develop themselves and their career.  Furthermore, performance management tools enable management ensure that that all are pulling in the same direction.

In this regard Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide the avenue for translating an entity's strategy into measurable targets and consequently assists management in monitoring and evaluating department/employee performance in relation to the Company's pre-set targets.

EMCS can assist you:

  • Identify the most appropriate measures of your financial, operational and regulatory performance by linking staff performance to the company's vision and business plan
  • Create effective performance indicators;
  • Develop opportune tools to assist in the evaluation process and drive improvements; and
  • Link organisational targets with employee evaluation and remuneration policies to ensure lasting change.