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  • Business Advisory

    EMCS has a proven track record of over twenty years in the provision of marketing and business planning consultancy services to businesses, charities and social enterprises.

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  • Conferences and Events

    EMCS provides business executives with practical conferences, large scale events, topical seminars and in-house training programs, keeping them up-to-date with industry trends, technological developments and the regulatory landscape.

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  • Business Development

    EMCS supports clients in exploring different ways to grow their business and assist in the development of market entry and growth strategies, market assessment and positioning and even Franchising opportunities.

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  • Family Business & Succession Planning

    EMCS extensive experience working with family-owned business clients gives us an in-depth understanding of issues and challenges unique to your environment including challenges of ownership, governance, succession, leadership, management development and conflict resolution.

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  • Human Resources

    Working environments are constantly changing and in today's global economy people are the most valuable source of sustainable competitive advantage.

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  • Business Centre

    Located in a premium office facility in a prime location, the EMCS Business Centre breathes elegance and sophistication and offers the attention to detail you would expect in the world's finest corporate environments. The individual offices include a mix of dedicated office spaces which range from 6 m², ideal as a start-up workstation for one person, to a 60 m² facility for a larger set-up.

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  • Market Research & Intelligence

    In today's world it is generally acknowledged that market research can give those who undertake it the competitive edge they need to be able to survive in increasingly competitive markets.

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  • EU Funding Advisory

    EMCS has extensive experience providing advice to clients about opportunities for sourcing of EU funds for specific projects.

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EU & Business Advisory

EMCS has a proven track record of over twenty years in the provision of business advisory services to businesses, charities and social enterprises. We help leaders make decisions about the future of their organisations. This is done using a combination of proven techniques that are tailored to the particular needs of each client. EMCS is also one of the leading consultancy company with over ten years’ experience assisting public and private entities understand how to benefit from EU funding opportunities by providing a complete one-stop-shop solution from project inception, development and eventual execution.

Tax & International Business

EMCS provides a vast range of services to individuals and business families who seek to relocate their business to Malta. Our legal, tax, and corporate professionals have a wealth of expertise in providing comprehensive advice which caters to all our clients’ various needs, be it a startup seeking to benefit from Malta’s profitable tax regime or local subsidies, or even larger investments, joint ventures and take-overs of companies. Our goal is to assist our clients in the most comprehensive and holistic manner, and we do so by familiarising ourselves with their business goals and tackling any issue which arises in a sound but expeditious manner, ensuring high responsiveness and adhering to our clients' wishes whilst fully maintaining legal and corporate compliance.

Market Research

EMCS provides full-service market research facilities to its client base with no limitation on industry sector. We have the experience and expertise to provide the required intelligence that ensures your business always stays ahead of its game. EMCS adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to provide tailor-made research solutions to meet customers’ distinct needs and requirements. Our team has wide ranging experience both locally and internationally, conducting in access of 15,000 interviews on a yearly basis. EMCS is also a proud representative of GFK research group for the region of Malta.