Health Care


Over the last 10 years EMCS has developed deep industry expertise, insight and technical knowledge in Healthcare service provision and has provided services that meet the unique needs of healthcare providers and policy-makers keeping in mind the resources at hand and patient needs.  The services provided by EMCS revolve around 3 main areas: 

On the job training

Training is specifically designed for the different needs of employees working within different fields of healthcare such as geriatrics, casualty, intensive care unit and medical wards amongst others. EMCS designs training programmes that seek to address on the job issues from a management and operational level.

Coaching and mentoring

EMCS has been involved in a number of projects that involved individual coaching and mentoring (at senior level) and group coaching to assist in HR development and develop a number of multi disciplinary projects. These projects, which start out as pilot projects and if successful are rolled to other areas of hospital operations, serve to streamline the hospital operations, reduce duplication of work and promote patient safety.

Strategy Development

EMCS has been commissioned on a number of occasions to assist senior management to develop strategic plans in different areas of hospital management and national health service provision. EMCS has worked on a number of strategic document relating to communications, total quality management and financial management aimed at ensuring quality and patient centric service.