The Team

The company is a multi-disciplinary firm and the team has a high proportion of qualified professionals comprising of accountants, lawyers, tax and finance consultants. As the need arises we also work closely with a number of renowned professionals both locally and worldwide to bring the best in knowledge and experience to the service of our clients.


Isabel Sultana Cassar

Mrs Isabel Sultana Cassar

- Economist

+356 27772777

+356 21318677

Bachelor of Commerce, Honours degree in Economics

Isabel has completed the Bachelor of Commerce course and has further specialised in Economics through a follow-up honours degree in the same subject.  Isabel also has a background in public policy and where she honed her skills in relation to the civil service and government policies.  Her honours dissertation, relating to an analysis of the Maltese people's aspirations and fertility rate fully utilized the methods that one would normally deploy in the context of feasibility study or cost benefit analysis. Isabel also attended training courses organised by the Market Research Society on Econometric Modelling and ROI, Advanced Think in Quant Masterclasses, and Advanced Think is Qual Masterclasses.  Over the past four years she has specialised in market and economic research and has managed several market research projects.