Over the years EMCS was responsible for the administration of a number of market research projects including:

  • Business Leaders Opinion survey for the World Economic Forum (2004 –to date)
  • Consumer Confidence Survey for the European Commission (2002 – to date)
  • European Health and Social Integration Survey for the Eurostat (2012-2013)
  • A customer satisfaction audit survey on the Misurata Free Zone (Libya) on behalf of AECOM and the Jebel Ali Freezone
  • A customer satisfaction survey for an entity involved in the transport sector
  • A skills gap analysis in the tourism industry (2010 – 1011) and
  • Household Finance and Consumption Survey (2010 and 2014)

A number of impact Assessments, comprising studies on:

  • The Offshore Industry;
  • The Malta Maritime Sector;
  • The Financial Services Industry;
  • The Maltese Furniture Industry;
  • The Maltese Bakery and Confectionery Industry; and
  • The Pork and Beef processing industries in Malta


EMCS has built custom marketing research programs for numerous members of the financial services marketing research industry, where our work has centered largely on helping our clients build strong and lasting relationships with their customers. We've conducted traditional customer satisfaction surveys, complex acquisition / retention / promotion studies, and targeted research studies to uncover insights into advertising effectiveness, and behavioral trends among prospective, current and lost customers.

Industries Industries

Health Care

Over the last 10 years EMCS has developed deep industry expertise, insight and technical knowledge in Healthcare service provision and has provided services that meet the unique needs of healthcare providers and policy-makers keeping in mind the resources at hand and patient needs. The...

Food Service & Restaurants

We've helped restaurant and food service research clients examine and gather insights into nearly every aspect of the dining experience. This has included custom marketing research advertising and positioning studies that reveal the main drivers behind consumer choices, as well as studies that...


EU Common Fisheries Policy - An EU Impact Assessment on the Local Industry Commissioned by the Ministry for Agriculture and Fisheries, the study evaluated the impact of the removal of current local protection and the implications of adopting the EU's Common External Tariff (CET) and the...


EMCS has developed expertise in the educational field especially in the areas relating to the development of curricula for both vocational and non-vocational subjects, delivery of custom training, mentoring and student assessment. EMCS has, together with a number of local and foreign partners,...


EMCS works closely with well-established international experts who specialise in most aspects of UK farming and agriculture, including dairy farming consultants, livestock farming consultants, arable cropping and organisation consultants, organic farming consultant, poultry farming consultants,...


Manufacturing marketing research is a perfect match for our brand of custom market research design. In particular, we relish the challenge of B2B research studies where targeted groups of prospects must be identified and understood. This means that consistent, representative market samples are...


In addition to serving the makers of a wide variety of consumer products, Booth Research Services has also benefited the retail experience itself. Our most prominent custom marketing research strategy for our retail marketing research clients has been to conduct observational studies of customer...

Travel & Tourism

EMCS has a long standing history working on a number of projects within the travel and tourism sector on various aspects including training, advisory and HR. EMCS has forged relationships with multiple travel, tourism and entertainment clients, as it is in these leisure-focused industries where...