A great resource for leaders and managers at various organisational levels

It offers the personalised quality of the counselling relationship while dealing with skill-related issues in a deeper way than would be possible in a group setting.

Managers and leaders can gain greater insight about their personality, characteristics that help or hinder effective people management as well as personal and professional effectiveness. EMCS has experts in this field for the provision of holistic, high quality coaching on the strategic, operational and psychological aspects of management and leadership.

In view of entities/individuals' distinct needs and requirements, EMCS has three distinct packages aimed specifically at targeting such necessities, namely:

Executive Coaching

With the increase in mobile learning and knowledge attainable 24-7, the need to access expertise, when and where you want, is essential. Our flexible, cost effective approach to Executive Coaching is unique and puts you in control of your personal development. You choose when and how you wish to engage your coach.

You choose the service package you want based on hours and fees.

You choose how you wish to engage your coach. Once you sign up, you'll be given phone, web meeting, video calls contact details...and even details of how to set up face to face meetings.

You then start engaging with your Coach, benefiting from their expertise and addressing your development needs.

Management Coaching

Effective management coaching helps people to improve their performance and enhance the quality of their lives. Coaching is beneficial for many reasons and situations:

  • Business skills of strategic planning, setting goals, managing time, increasing productivity, achieving targets
  • Personal development for newly appointed managers, supervisors and / or team leaders
  • Upgrading the management of people skills of existing managers/team leaders
  • Preparing employees with potential for new roles of which people management will form an integral part
  • Assisting employees to make the changes in behaviour and attitude which are required in today's world thus affecting work performance
  • Addressing unresolved issues which prevent people from moving forward in their lives both personally and business-wise
  • Coaching for confidence, for change and for success
  • assisting individuals through the redundancy process – emotional reaction, practical considerations & future planning
  • Assisting in planning for a future beyond work: retire or continue working in the same or a new role

Team Coaching

Team coaching is designed to take business teams to a new level. It's about creating a strong common purpose, key goals, and ensuring ongoing accountability of the team as they turn these goals into reality.

Team coaching is of value at both a team and an individual level. It promotes:

  • Alignment of the team to a common purpose and goals
  • Greater cohesion and a renewed team spirit
  • Increased motivation
  • Improved effectiveness and performance
  • Enhanced leadership ad communication skills
  • Greater job satisfaction.

Our expertise is the result of extensive experience working, SME businesses and public sector organisations. We provide value to you through the strength of our service, our knowledge and our ability to deliver effective learning & development results

The benefits to the individual include:

  • Preparation for role/career changes and promotion
  • Managing stress, change, conflict or crisis
  • Enhancing personal impact and performance

The benefits to the organisation include:

  • Greater commitment from individuals
  • Retention of key people who feel valued
  • More creative outlook in business planning
  • Improved management of other staff