EU Funding Advisory

Sourcing of EU funds for specific projects

EMCS provides advice to clients about opportunities for sourcing of EU funds for specific projects both at a national level as well as at a European level. National EU funded programmes are aimed at specific sectors such as tourism, agriculture and industry and would usually require the design of a business plan or action programme, that EMCS can also help you develop.

Whether you're considering national grants for a small business or seeking a major European subsidy, EMCS can assist you identify the right grants thereby facilitating a process that could otherwise be challenging, time-consuming and complex.

With a track record going back to the pre-accession funds (2004 – 2006), EMCS has established a reputation as expert grants consultants to a wide variety of organisations that see grants as an excellent way to maximise the impact of clients' projects, enhance their reputation and secure a sustainable future.

How we can assist you in this area

  • Stay informed about available funding sources at local, national or European level;
  • Identify the right funding source for your idea;
  • Develop project ideas into funding proposals;
  • Develop project management and monitoring systems for your project;
  • Understand the regulations and requirements of funding programmes at an operational level.

Our EU Funding Experts will be able to assist you in applying for these funds in order to help you expand and grow your organisation