Travel and Tourism

EMCS has a long standing history working on a number of projects within the travel and tourism sector on various aspects including training, advisory and HR. EMCS has forged relationships with multiple travel, tourism and entertainment clients, as it is in these leisure-focused industries where customer satisfaction is at the heart of every key business decision.

 The larges project which EMCS was involved in, in this industry, was the training and certification of over 1400 middle and senior managers hailing from industry operators. The course involved training participants in HR, Finance, Internet Marketing amongst other subjects and was delivered by a pool of world class experts. Participants were also supported by personal mentoring along the duration of the whole course. The project, entitled ADVANCE Training Tourism Leaders, was partly financed by ESF funds.

Other projects which EMCS was involved in include research studies for the industry and assisting individual travel and tourism operators to access EU funds for an array for investment projects.