Designing a Staff Handbook

Ensuring consistency in procedures and practices

The purpose of an employee handbook is to communicate a company's policies (to employees). Policies are the strategic link between the company's vision and its day-to-day operations. They provide a guide to achieve the business strategies and objectives. They allow employees to understand their roles and responsibilities within predefined limits and allow management to guide operations without constant management intervention. It is consequently essential that it is written clearly and directly, so as to eliminate any misunderstandings, and clearly spell out what is expected from employees.

Such booklet could facilitate the company's endeavours in ensuring that all employee are aware of the company's policies while also ensuring consistency in procedures and practices.

Such booklet generally contains among others the following information:

  • General working hours
  • Company rules and regulations (dress code; health & safety regulations; etc.)
  • Amount of vacation leave and procedure for applying for such leave;
  • Sick leave procedures;
  • Performance reviews overtime/comp time policy;
  • Fringe benefits; and
  • Policy on maternity leave.